Patch 6.0 – It’s Go Time!

Patch 6.0 finally arrived. It was a late workday for me so I didn’t get rolling until well after the servers had come up. Overall I had a very smooth patch day experience.

The majority of my addons were updated and my UI remained mostly intact.

Upon logging on I received an urgent report of the Iron Horde staging an invasion through the Dark Portal.

Being the hero of Azeroth that I am, I immediately answered the call. Well not immediately. There were a few things I needed to attend to.

Inventory Cleanup

I don’t know the exact amount of bag space that freed up, but it was a lot. I love the extra void storage tab, but I quickly filled it up, and still have a number of transmog items taking up bank space. Is it too soon to ask for another void storage tab?

One of the other gifts we received the reagent bank, which I quickly utilized to free up an entire bag slot.

To be fair, I tend to keep reagents and other crafting materials on my other characters. I have one toon whose bags are filled entirely with cloth and enchanting materials. Then there was the toybox.

I didn’t have as many toys as I thought, and there are a number of items like Ruthers’ Harness which weren’t listed as toys, but ought to be.

Blizzard tried to be smart and auto-add some toys, but I found that to be more annoying than helpful. If they had deleted the items they added that would have been great, but they didn’t. I spent a fair amount time deleting these items.

I like that the toy box frees up space, but it has enlightened me to a number of cool things that I could have with zero storage cost. I fear that I may turn into a toy collector now.


After my bag clean up was done I set out to tame Chimaeron. Luckily I read some reports that Blackwing Descent 10-man is ridiculously easy to destroy at 90, and that you could easily kill Chimaeron while trying to tame him. Best thing to do is tame him on 25-man.

I first tried that as BM, but wasn’t able to do enough damage without the pet. I switch to MM, and sure enough, I accidentally killed him. I’ll try again next week.

I can’t imagine what this will be like at level 100 by the way.

Gems, Enchants, Etc.

I haven’t changed any of my gems and enchants. Depending on how much that costs, I may just leave things as is. The only reason to optimize right now is if I find a group to kill Mythic Garrosh, and that’s not something I’m seeking out right now.

My gear as is, will be plenty strong enough to level from 90-100, so swapping things out will just be a waste of gold.

Character Models

This was the first time I had a chance to see all of my characters with the new models. My dwarfs, draenei, tauren, and orcs all resemble their former selves. I thought it was my human characters that changed the most, and I’m not sure I like them better.

I don’t really play them much so I don’t care too much, and I really like the others.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot I haven’t had the chance to do yet like the new questline, UBRS, and taming new pets like Stags.

This is a nice stop-gap of small things to do before the expansion hits. I can’t wait for that.

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  1. I tamed my on 10 man as BM at 585 item level, as a frame of reference. I lightly poked him with some Arcane shots but frantically had to press my escape button before my cloak proc would kill him! Luckily I came out on top and was able to return to the shrine with what might have been on of my realm’s first Chimaeron tames.

    This is definitely my favorite new pet. Good luck and happy hydra taming!

  2. Not really go time in the EU atm. I cleaned up my bags and then tamed Chimaeron (on 10 man as BM) but when I tried to HS back to town the loading screen got stuck at 90%, same with other characters and other EU servers 🙁

  3. I’m having an issue with turning pet abilities to manual cast, it just doesn’t seem to be possible at the moment, other than that its been smooth ish.

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