Getting Started in Beta

I’m finally at a point where I can sink my teeth into the Warlords beta.  Like every expansion there is a certain amount of housekeeping that needs to happen before you begin your epic journey.

Some things such as keybinds and macros are specific to beta since addons are not yet enabled. Addon authors have gotten pretty good at getting their addons ready for patch days. When the pre-patch goes live I suspect a good many will be ready to go.

Since they’re disabled in beta I’m once again shackled with the default UI, so I had to spend some time configuring it.

The other thing I had to spend time on was cleaning up my bags and bank. This went pretty close as to how I imagine it will go on live, and the space savings was substantial.

On live I have about 13 open bag slots and zero empty bank slots. After taking the time to clean things up, I had 92 open bag slots and 46 open bank slots.

This was pretty good considering I didn’t have any reagents to stick in the reagents tab. My savings came mostly from the Toy Box, the extra void storage and deleting Mists related items like bags of seeds and Timeless Isle buffs and the like.

I filled up the extra void storage in no time and still have transmog items taking up bank space. I may have to think long and hard about what I really want to keep.

Regarding the Toy Box, items aren’t automatically added to it, so I had to spend time finding all the toys and right-clicking on each one. They’re easy enough to identify as they’re labeled ‘Toy’ in the tooltip.

There are a lot of things not considered toys that should be. The Toy Trains set is not a toy? Really? It’s still early, so expect changes.

One other feature I wanted to point out was this new outline feature.  It puts a colored outline around players, npcs and objects that you can interact with. I find it distracting and immersion breaking.

If you go to the interface display options you can set it to “Only Quests and Tracking”. The default is All(variation 1).


Here’s what it looks like.

With the housekeeping out of the way, I now need to do some real-life housekeeping and then I’m off to the Tanaan Jungle.

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  1. Can you explain the differences among the other variations and the setting you like?

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