Tuesdays With Darkbrew


It’s Tuesday today, and for me World of Warcraft is all about Tuesdays right now. That’s when everything resets and I can endeavor to hope that coveted items will finally drop. Like many of you I find myself amidst the greatest content drought in the history of World of Warcraft. The thing is, I still feel like playing World of Warcraft more than I do any other game right now. Because of this I’ve begun mapping out my Summer of Warcraft.

I’m focusing on three of my Hunters, Darkbrew, EddieMunster, and Scronk.


Darkbrew has the shortest list of all right now. His Summer goals are,

  • Upgrade all of his current gear. Projected completion date is June 24th.
  • Finish collecting the pieces for the black Scourgestalker transmog set. He has only the belt left.
  • Acquire the Wolfslayer Sniper rifle.
  • Acquire a normal version of the Garrosh BoA bow.


Eddie has busier Summer ahead. On his agenda are,

  • Acquiring a Legendary Cloak. He just finished Chapter I and now has nothing to do but cap valor the next three weeks.
  • Finish collecting the pieces of the black Scourgestalker Transmog set. He has chest, shoulders and belt left. I’m taking bets on who will complete the set first, him or Darkbrew.
  • Acquire a full set of normal mode SoO gear. I may have to hit Open Raid for this.


This is my newly leveled Orc Hunter who I just transferred to Doomhammer to join my SWTOR friends. His goals are pretty much the same as Eddie’s minus the Scourgestalker stuff. He’s begun the Legendary questline and is taking the grand tour of the Timeless Isle seeking out those precious Burdens of Eternity, running LFR and soon flex and normal SoO.

He also has a very empty stable, so traversing the lands of Azeroth in search of loyal companions is also on his list.

Hopefully closed beta will start soon and the Titans will be kind enough to grant me access. Even if I don’t get in at all, I’ve manged to motivate myself with enough things to keep me busy in the short-term.

That’s my Summer of Warcraft, what’s yours?


  1. Darkbrew and I have almost the exact same goals…even the belt! I don’t want to transmog until I have all the pieces though. And that darn rifle will not drop. Got wizard of oz last week. Annoying.

    1. So two Ulduar runs and no belt on either Hunter. The Worgen got absolutely nothing, and Darkbrew got all of the Worgen’s drops minus the aforementioned belt.

      Wizard of Oz this week too. I did get the Fiery Warhorse two weeks ago though. So I won’t complain too much.

      1. Funny thing about that fiery warhorse. Three weeks ago I ran in there and started in on Midnight, I hadn’t cleared the room properly and for some reason I had my trusty pet on defensive. Of course all the trash I ignored suddenly aggroed. Attumen spawned, took a shot at me and before I could switch from trash to Attumen my pet took him out.

        No loot for me. I can almost guarantee that warhorse dropped and I missed it.

        Passive pet all the way now.

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