Hunter, Heal Thyself!

Blizzard released Alpha build 18322 this week and it included a couple of self-heals for Hunters.

  • Kill Shot now grants 15% of maximum health if the target dies. (Beast Master and Markmanship)
  • Survivalist – After killing a target, you gain 15% health over 10 sec. (Survival only)

These changes are more geared towards PvP than PvE, although if you’re soloing and leveling you will certainly benefit from either of these.

In a raid or dungeon situation the self heals are less beneficial. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get a killing blow, and the heal only really matters in a multi-add or multi-boss fight. If there’s only one target and it dies, getting healed isn’t that critical.

The nice thing about Survival is the self-heal if triggered on a killing blow, regards of the shot fired. Given that Survival revolves around DoTs, I guess it’s only fitting that they’re heal be a HoT.

There was a change to Deterrence that was data mined, but I’m pretty certain that it was only a tooltip change. Glyph of Disengage was added back as well. Still now word on the raid utility ability.

One Comment on “Hunter, Heal Thyself!”

  1. That heal has a huge potential for PvE on fights like immerseus, which gave a ton of damage at the end of the add phase. At least when we were still in ToT gear, it was hard to live through that, for survival at least that HoT would have been rolling through all that damage.

    Really, they’ve done so many add fights lately, I could really see this being huge.

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