Ammo Pouches and Quivers

When Blizzard removed ammo from the game they also removed the need for ammo pouches and quivers. Those items were turned into regular bags, and the visual of the quiver strapped to the Hunter’s back was lost. Since that time, Hunters have been begging for quivers to return to the game, and it looks like that will happen in Warlords of Draenor.

Blizzard released an Artcraft on Class Accessories. Their goal is to introduce cosmetic items for all of the classes that you can you can wear on your character. For Hunters this means ammo pouches and quivers.

Art director Chris Robinson cautioned that the announcement was not heralding the imminent arrival of these items to game, and that we wouldn’t seen them until after we faced off against the Iron Horde. In other words, they’ll probably be added in a later patch during the Warlords expansion. Hopefully before the final patch.

It wouldn’t be much of an artcraft if they didn’t show off the goods, and below are concepts for the ammo pouches and quivers.


The is very much a work in progress, and details are still being worked out on how we’ll obtain these items. They could come from a variety of source including reaching a certain level, defeating a raid boss, quest rewards, achievements, and the like. I would guess that anything and everything is on the table here.


The goal is to give players options to customize their characters beyond basic armor. This means that the pouches and quivers will need to look good with various armor sets. Given the popularity of transmog, I wonder if they’ll go back and design items to match older armor sets and weapons? I certainly hope they do that, but that might mean a fair bit of work.

It also looks like some, if not all, will be animated. Perhaps will see a Hunter pulling arrows from the quiver or reloading their guns? Whatever the case, this will be a nice way to add some flare to Hunter class, and could lay the foundation for Frostheim’s dream of pet collars to finally be realized.