A Look at New Pets in WoD

The Warlords of Draenor Alpha is starting to shape up, and there is solid information about some of the new pets Hunters will be able to tame. Currently there are three new pet families planned in addition to some new models of existing pet families.

The new families are Hydras, River Beasts and Hook Wasps (exotic). Here is a look at the new tameable models.


I’m a little “wolved out” myself, but I do like the look of these models. The black on stands out to me more than the others, but I think I’ll pass on taming one of these.



These boars have a great look. They’re similar to the Hellboars, but with a more natural look. I’m definitely keeping a stable slot open for one of these.



These images do not do the new Sporebat model justice. They’re much more detailed and animated then what you see below. These guys are just gorgeous and I will be replacing my current sporebat with one of these models.


River Beasts

I can’t say that I’m too excited about the Hippos. I’ll likely tame one because I like them better than Scorpions, Crocolisks and Carrion Birds which are the other non-exotic beats that bring the Mortal Wounds debuff.



I love the fact that Hydras are non-exotic pets. These are the Thunder Hydras, and my favorite model. Definitely going to add that blue one to my stable.




I’ve never been interested in taming a bat. Maybe if I roll an Undead Hunter in WoD, I’ll want a bat, but for now I’ll keep my stable clear of them.




I really like these guys, especially the “Fruit Loops” one. I promise not to name any of them Sam. The toucans are not classified as of yet, but they’ll likely be birds of prey.




Ravager are getting a complete makeover in WoD. They look too much like Silithids, and I’m not a huge fan of those. I’m a bit on the fence about getting one of these. They are quite savage though.



Hook Wasps

The hook wasps resemble other wasps in the game, which is fine, as I like them. These are exotic, which means Beast Mastery only. There’s been hints of Hook Wasp mounts in WoD, and it’s always fun to pair up pets and mounts. These will definitely be part of my stable.


These are the known tameable pets. Warlords of Draenor is still in development so we might see a few more additions before all is said and done. For example, Talbuks are not planned as tameable, but remain open for discussion. For a closer looks at the new pets be sure to check out Petopia.

I look forward to expanding my pet family in Warlords of Draenor.

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