A New Look

The search for good a looking armor set for my Mercenary continues. You can check out this post for previous iterations of my gear.

My current gear set is the new Interceptor armor. It’s a Cartel Market set, that you can purchase from the GTN for less than 20K credits. Look for the crates that contain multiple items, they usually sell for less than the individual armor pieces.

I’m only using the chest, gloves, belt, legs and boots from the set. The helmet is the Bounty Tracker’s Hat, a rep. reward from the Bounty Contract event. The blasters are also rep. items from that event.

I’m using the White/Red dye module, but I’m going to change it, as it’s a little too bright for my tastes.

Here are all the pieces of my current gear.

The outfit was inspired by a guildmate who posted this picture of her Mercenary on Twitter. Her chestpiece is from the Elite Regulator armor set. It’s tied to the Cartel Market Contraband Resale Corporation reputation which is not easy to obtain. Her belt and blasters are different from what I’m using as well.

I’m pleased with this set for now, but who knows when the winds will shift again.