There Be Hydras Here (for the real this time)


There you have it folks, Hydras will be one of the new pet families in Warlords of Draenor. No word on abilities and buffs, and no word on whether Hydras will be exotic. I’m kind of of hoping they’ll be available to all Hunters, although they do look exotic.

I don’t know if new Hydras will be added to Warlords, but there are plenty in the game right now. Check out Petopia’s Hydra page for a full listing.

I’m partial to the grey one pictured Muffinus’ tweet, and of course, that no bracer dropping two-headed jerk, Chimaeron.


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  1. I wonder what will happen to the ghost version. I wouldn’t mind if the skin is used for a spiritbeast version but I hope the “normal” version stays untameable (and non-exotic).

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