It’s a Trap! (…or it was)

Earlier this month @Celestalon asked this question in regards to Snake Trap.

While certainly not an announcement that Snake Trap is being removed, it leads one to believe that Blizzard is considering it.

For me, the primary use of this trap is in Surival spec for Entrapment. Snake Trap, Ice Trap and Binding Shot combine for a triple cocktail of you ain’t going nowhere, as it gives Survival Hunters three stuns. And yes, there are encounters where that has been useful.

In addition to the stun provide by Entrapment, Snake Trap also apply the Crippling Poison debuff on targets, slowing their movement by 50%.

Snake trap is not useless, but it is somewhat redundant, so don’t be surprised if we lose it.

One thing is for certain though, regardless of what traps we have, they will work better than they do now.

Celestalon is confirming this statement made by @Holinka.

So another week, and another chance that we’ll see beta, and perhaps get to put these traps to the test.


  1. Wow, I am sorry to hear that SS will be removed. When doing PvP and even in PvE, that is an often used shot for me (when the mob is not immune, of course). I miss the old snake trap when with talent (I think) you could get more snakes; I would be sad to see that one go as well.

    1. We don’t know if Snake Trap is gone for sure, we’ll have to wait and see. Based on Celestalon’s tweet in interpreted it as strong possibility.

  2. Good thing scattershot is only used for trapping 😛

    The scattershot+trap combo was the hunter answer to the trap changes of patch 2.0.1.

    Before 2.0.1 traps would arm instantly but could not be layed in combat, which hunters circumvented by using Feign Death (after years of QQ by other classes Blizzard officially stated it was clever use of game mechanics btw).

    After 2.0.1. traps could be set in combat but got a 2 sec arming time. To keep traps useful hunters started to use scatter shot in combination with traps (which again led to lots of QQ btw). I guess this is one of the nice examples of hunter resourcefulness 😉

    However, we had scatter shot before 2.0.1. and most of the time I use it indepently from traps. Maybe WoW should get a PvE lead designer again since it looks like a lot of CC changes are made from a PvP perspective only. The upcoming trap changes are nice for PvP but limit the hunter toolbox even further in PvE.

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