A New Era Begins

c_qThe first episode of the Cloak and Quiver was posted to iTunes this week. I encourage you all to listen to this great new podcast focused on Hunters. It’s a one man show hosted by @Solarflair, and he pulls it off well.

In this first episode he talks about Hydras, WoD talents, Marksmanship, and he does something I wish we had thought of for the Hunting Party Podcast – reads listener e-mail!

You can subscribe to the show via iTunes, and you can follow the show’s twitter account – @CloakAndQuiver for updates, as well as to submit questions and comments. The show is also available on Youtube.

2 Comments on “A New Era Begins”

  1. show sounds good. look forward to more.
    just on the with or without you. it still is the same.
    he chose bm before he went to the talents, so the talent was showing him the bm version. if he was mm or survival, he would see the talent as 30% damage without the pet. no point showing a survival or mm hunter how a talent works in bm.
    the thing thats interesting about this talent without the pet is how will stuff like masters call work.? we will lose a lot of buffs from the pet. will 30% make up for that loss of utility and dps?

  2. I thought Solar did a nice job for his inaugural episode. I too look forward to more.

    Regarding the talents, I think a lot of us thought that when we saw the Hunter video and didn’t realize that some talents would have spec specific versions that displayed only for that spec.

    Makes one wonder which of our other talents will behave similarly.

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