Cloak and Quiver – A Hunter Podcast

Hunter’s rejoice for soon there will be a new Hunter podcast for us to enjoy. The Cloak and Quiver is set to debut sometime next week. It’s the brainchild of Hunter extraordinaire, Solar. Not a lot of details about it yet, but I encourage you to follow Solar on Twitter on @CloakandQuiver and @Solarflair.

Solar is a high-end raider who raids for the Horde guild Last Word. He has a 579 iLevel and has killed Heroic Garrosh 11 times. Dude can dunk!

As to my involvement in all of this? Devout listener. Although I could be convinced to come on as a guest and butcher an outro or two.

Stay thirsty!


  1. Sounds great! I remember Solar from Convert to Raid podcast so should be an exciting show! Would be great if our big gun hunters guested to kick the show off to a good start!

  2. I am finally caught up on all your podcasts and must say, I am glad you started this podcast and site. We needed it after the Hunting Party left. . Your energy is contagious! So glad you are sharing all this knowledge you have with the hunter community. I am sad I do not have a max level hunter on the Horde side to sigh up for the 10-25 mans you want to put together. I would apply. And probably not qualify, but my heart would be all in it!! Good luck to you. I will be following.

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