Welcome Home!

BioWare announced their next free digital expansion, Galatic Strongholds. It introduces two highly requested features in player housing and guild flagships. Lots of details are still pending, but it looks like player housing is more than just a new version of player ships. It’s not likely to be as robust as SWG housing was, but you will be able to decorate and customize your home.

Items for your home can be bought from vendors, earned as rewards, purchased from the Cartel Market, and crafted. That’s right crafted! No information on how the crew skills will factor into all this, but I was excited to read that on the official site.

The guild flagship looks to be a group effort to create, which is awesome because guild don’t get much better than TORWars, so I eagerly work forward to helping with that effort.

One other feature coming with Galactic Strongholds is Legacy Storage. I assume this means storage accessible to all characters on your account. A feature long overdue in any MMO.

Players will be able to acquire multiple houses, and it sounds like homes will be upgradeable by purchasing additional rooms. June 14th is the early access date for subscribers.

This Galactic hero is paid in full and ready to move in.

New Galactic Strongholds Announcement Trailer