Decisions, Decisions

I know I’ve reached the end of an expansion when spreadsheets don’t revolve around rotations and DPS, but rather center on options for using my level 90 boost. The bonus to auto-leveling two professions to 600 has me leaning towards using the boost on a high level character. I hit up Twitter to find out what two professions I should take.

Many of you responded and the recommendations were essentially all of them. A few of you highly recommended Engineering. I have Engineering on Darkbrew, and my goal is to have two max level professions that I don’t have elsewhere.

I don’t have Blacksmithing or Inscription on any toon, so this is the logical choice to make. The caveat is that I don’t feel like leveling anything else right now. I have an 85 Druid with Enchanting and Tailoring. They’re almost to Cataclysm max, so I would need to level him and the professions. I also have an 85 Hunter with Skinning and Leatherworking, so same thing there.

I’m also thinking about using the boost on my Shaman, which means if I took say Tailoring and Enchanting I’d be duplicating what exists elsewhere.

I’ll probably boost the Shammy with Blacksmithing and Inscription and then just level up the other two toons.

This should put in me pretty good shape for the expansion. Three level 90 Alliance Hunters, a Druid and Shaman, and all the professions maxed out. I need to make some gold in WoD. I’m tired of being poor.


    1. I’ll give that a try. Other than raiding, I’m not doing much in game, so finding time is not the issue.

    2. TSM is awesome. I use it for xmog sales and some other random stuff. Haven’t really delved into using it for profs heavily though, but I’ve got 1.3M liquid so I don’t really need to…

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