Unleash The Hounds!


If you’ve played a Hunter deck in Hearthstone, you’ve probably run across the Unleash the Hounds card. It’s low cost, extremely powerful, and you can mimic it in WoW.

To do this, grab a Mastiff, use Glyph of Stampede and create a macro where you /yell UNLEASH THE HOUNDS as you cast Stampede.

It’s great fun, except that dogs are not the best pet family out there. Their special ability is Lock Jaw which roots the target for four seconds. Not useful in PvE, and it breaks on damage, so it’s not great for PvP either.

If you do ten man raiding then chances are you’re bringing a buff of some kind and don’t have the opportunity run with a dog.

I put out a formal request to change Stampede to Unleash the Hounds, and @TheSlickrock suggested that this would make a great glyph. I could not agree more.

I encourage to give Hearthstone a try and look for opportunities to Unleash the Hounds!uth_gold


  1. This card won me 2 of the 3 matches I needed to win for the mount. I suppose you could fill 4 out of the 5 slots with mastiffs so you can still use your buff pet. It’s not a perfect unleash the hounds, but it’s close.

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