Stopcasting! Stopcasting!


One of the tenets of doing great dps is the ABC rule; Always be casting. There are times, though, when it is to your benefit to stop casting.

I’m not talking about halting what you’re doing to move out of the stupid. I’m referring to clearing the way so that you can do important things like casting interrupts without your other abilities getting in the way.

I’m part of an interrupt rotation on Embodied Gloom on heroic protectors. If Gloom gets off a Corruption Shock it’s bad news for your raid. Letting one get through won’t wipe you, but there’s no reason you can’t get them all.

In order to guarantee that I get my interrupt off when I need it, I use the following stopcasting macro.

#showtooltip Counter Shot
/cast Counter Shot

This macro stops whatever I’m doing and ensures that I’ll fire Counter Shot without delay. Why the two stopcasting lines? One is to cancel any spell in progress such as Cobra Shot, and the other is to stop my auto shot that might be going off.

Use this and you’ll never again be a victim to your own over activity.

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  1. This is absolutly the most important macro ever for hunters. I recall seeing a version of this with 3 /stopcasting commands. Any idea what the third one was for?

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