Do You Optimize Your Companions?

When I play my Mercenary and Commando I have no issues completing daily quests solo. This includes the GSI group quests, the Oricon daily, preemptive strike, and the Makeb dailies. I tend to use Treek as a healer. For both toons Treek is wearing excess gear that I didn’t need for my main toons. She’s mostly 162 gear level, doesn’t have any augments, and the secondary stats are whatever was on the pieces I gave her.

Like I said, I don’t have any issues soloing my dailies. I often wonder, though, if I should optimize my companions?

What I’m talking about here is augmenting their gear with power augments, and then loading them up with secondary stats optimal for their role. I wonder how much more effective will they be? How much better will my question experience be? Are there other things I might be able to do solo that I’m not even considering?

The prospect of optimizing my companions, even in level 162 gear is expensive and daunting. If I were to be lazy and purchase augments and kits from the GTN I’m looking at spending 1.2 million, and that’s before I pay to put the augments on the gear. Then there’s acquiring the necessary mods and enhancements. Using Mako as an example, I’d have to get a baseline set of gear which costs around 1,120 basic comms with an additional 240 comms needed to buy a few off-pieces for the mods and enhancements. Then there’s the credit cost rip out and replace those mods and enhancements.

Credits aren’t an issue for me right now, so it’s not a question of cost. It’s more a question of return on investment. It’s a lot of bother and I’m not sure that I’ll be able to do anything more than I’m currently able to do now.

So I ask, do you optimize your companions, and what does that enable you to do that you would not otherwise be able to do?

May the Force Be With You!

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  1. One thing that one of my guildies does is to use legacy gear and do the optimization exactly once. For example: If you usually run with a healer, get a set of legacy gear that is not class restricted, augment it, and fit it out with mods and stuff (cunning or aim, depending on whether you just want to use Treek). Then simply strip it off your companion and mail it to the next alt when you change toons.

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