Hunting Loque’Nahak


Make no mistake, Loque’Nahak is the most sought after pet by Hunters. He is the crown jewel of every Hunter’s stable, and he is as hard to get today as he was back in Wrath of the Lich King. You know, when he was the only game in town?

I don’t have any secrets to guarantee success, nor do I have a ritual to make him spawn at will. I have tamed him twice in the last couple of months, and will share with you my strategy, in hopes that you have some of the same luck I did. Luck being a key word here.

The big challenge with taming him today is that we are now in the era of cross realm zones (CRZ). The pool of Hunters seeking to tame Loque’Nahak is far greater than if you were segregated to your own realm. You see on your realm the pool of Hunters is someone finite, whereas with CRZ it’s virtually infinite. Despite the incredible Hunter population, I firmly believe that if you’re committed to the cause, taming Loque’Nahak is a matter of when, not if. Let the hunt begin!

Loque’Nahak, of course, can be found in Sholazar Basin in Northrend. He has seven spawn points mostly along the ring that surrounds the zone. They are designated in green on the map below.


There are a couple of basic methods for finding him, camping and circling. Camping involves choosing a spawn point and then sitting there for hours waiting for him to appear. The downside to this is it’s boring, and if you only choose one spot, you’re giving yourself a one in seven chance of getting him. I have tamed him on four Hunters and not once have I camped.

I prefer circling around the basin. I may stop at spawn point and sit for five or ten minutes, but mostly I continue to do loops until I find him or get bored. Usually after about 20-30 minutes, it’s the latter.

If you’re going to circle, make sure you have the fastest flying speed, and for God’s sake, fly low. If you’re NPC Scan happens to go off, you don’t want to waste time in a lengthy descent to the ground. You fly at maximum speed whether you’re  two feet off the ground or 200 hundred feet.

I mentioned NPC Scan. This a must have addon. If you’re not familiar with it, what it does is scan for npcs and will alert you if it finds one. When it does, it will cache the information, so you need remember to delete your cache before you start your hunt. To do this, navigate to the \world of warcraft\cache\wdb\enUS folder and delete the file called creaturecache.wdb.

Finding him is all about luck and timing. By timing I mean being able to hunt at the right time of day and week. My last tame occurred on a Wednesday at 9:25 am. Not exactly prime time in Azeroth.


Although WoW is open 24/7 it does have peak times. I would advise against searching between 7pm and midnight. I’d also avoid searching for him on weekends. I’d say that 4pm on Friday to midnight on Sunday are the worst times.

We are also at the end of an expansion where folks are knocking things off their bucket list. Taming Spirit Beasts is probably on every hunter’s list.

So in terms of time of day/week, overnight hours are your best bet, but that requires staying up extra late into the wee hours of the morning. I’ve never chosen to do that.

Next I would say Monday – Thursday between 5-9am are your next best opportunities. Sunday mornings are probably a pretty good time to look as well.

As far as times of year, waiting until the end of an expansion is not recommended. People are bored, they’re leveling new characters, they just have a lot more time to doing things like hunt Loque’Nahak.

The next best time to find him will be the first week that Warlords of Draenor is out. Everyone will be focused on leveling and playing the new content. Also, when Warlord’s beta begins you might see crowds thin out a bit.

If looked for him recently then it’s likely you’ve seen other Hunters camping various spawn points. The last two times I tamed him, nobody was there. There is no rule that says more than one Hunter can’t camp the same area, but you should remember to exercise proper petiquette.

If Loque’Nahak should spawn and the other Hunter beats you to the tame, let him have it and congratulate him. Don’t be a jerk and kill Loque’Nahak. I had a Hunter kill King Krush while I was mid-tame. Don’t be that guy.

As far as taming Loque’Nahak, there isn’t anything special you should do, other than being Beast Mastery. He is level 76. Don’t waste time trapping or anything else. Keep it simple. Make sure you don’t have a pet out, and then just target and tame. Even at level 76, your risk of dying during taming is pretty small.

So that’s it. I wish I had a magic pet biscuit, but I don’t. I most recently tamed Loque’Nahak after three weeks of earnest searching. The key for me has always been patience, hunting during times when populations are low, and having lots of luck, and not being a jerk towards other Hunters seeking to tame him.

Good Spirit Beast Hunting!


  1. Day three no luck… no body no nothing other hunters and people aren’t very curtious. people never respond about sightings or if they killed or tamed her ive spent the last 18 hours in SB flying around for Her (yes loque’nahak is a girl FYI) and ive only seen KK twice…. made my heart stop when SilverDragon add on spammed its sounds… if possible I WILL Necro this thread just to try to get other people to post where and when(exact REALM time) they tamed or killed her or sighted her.

    Pwnicidal is my hunters name PST me with info if you see her

    1. No, Loque’nahak is male, the mate of Har’Koa upon whom has been stated by Blizzard to be female. So don’t spout ideological nonsense as fact when you know nothing of it.

  2. I’m going to help my fellow hunter. There is more to the spawn timer. In this zone all three rares share a spawn timer. It is every 6 hours, give or take if the rare was tamed skinned or rotted away. this can add time to the spawner. but every 6 hours one will show. Now that can be King Crush 12 times in a row or a ration that is random. But if you can get on the timer. Then you know when to go look and find which one spawned. GL I hope this helps Lady Charlie

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