Podcast Week: How it all Began

So how exactly does one begin the best Hunter podcast in all of Azeroth? Well, it starts with an idea and a simple request in a post like this. Here’s an excerpt.

Second, I’m looking for people to start a hunter community podcast. It will be called “Hunting Party- the OutDPS Podcast”. The goal would be short (commute length) weekly shows that go over new OutDPS guides, news, and have a short interview with someone interesting. If you want to participate, contact me.

Next you gather up the courage to respond to said request with an e-mail like this.


This e-mail quickly turned into a chat.

follow-up chat

And that is how the Hunting Party Podcast got started. Things were going great for a couple of months, and then this happened.




Final Thoughts

As you can see the show really evolved from it’s original vision. I remember Euri saying that he thought it would be a weekly rotating panel of folks from the Hunter community. We never quite achieved that, and to be honest once Frost came on board it was clear we had a good thing going and didn’t need to change. The show continued to evolve over the years, but at its core it always remained a show about Hunters.

I’ve stated before that the Hunting Party Podcast was one of the more enjoyable things I’ve gotten to do these past few years. It was truly a privilege to have been part of such a great endeavor and work with such a fine crew.

Thanks for listening.