Gear Ratings

“This is madness!” – C3PO

Level 55 gear comes in five flavors now. Each “tier” can be referenced in four to six different ways. Unless you and your compadres are using the same vernacular, an intelligent discussion about gear can quickly devolve into Who’s on First.

Every piece of gear has a rating. The minimum rating at level 55 is 156 and the maximum is 180. Additionally the barrels, hilts, armorings, mods and enhancements have a mod level, with the lowest being 66 and the highest 78. Furthermore each barrel, hilt, armoring, mod and enhancement has a name ending in a number, with the lowest being 28 and the highest 34.

To confuse things even further each set of gear has a name. The lowest gear just has one name, but each successive “tier” has two named types. One name for the gear that does not have a set bonus and the other for the gear that does.

Now depending on who you’re talking with players will reference gear by any and all naming conventions, be it name, the rating, the mod level and even the mod name. They will use the gear names interchangeably as well, and inevitably they will mix and match the tiers, referring to  Arkanian as 72 mod gear.

All of this has the effect of turning the conversation into a pissing contest whereby each participant continually corrects the other, and any reasonable discussion about the gear itself goes out the window.

I’m here to fix that today with a simple chart that lists the  level 55 gear types and their associated set names, gear ratings, mod levels and mod names.

Please note that Black Market, Verpine, Shadowed and Oriconian do not have set bonues whereas the Arkanian, Underworld, Kell Dragon and Dread Forged do.


There you have it. Print it out, post it to your monitor, carry it in your wallet and show it off to your friends. End the madness now!