Cut the Chatter: Pardon the Interruption


Cut the Chatter – bringing you your weekly dose of commentary on the “intelligent” and “insightful” things that your fellow players are talking about in general chat.


Almost every time I quest on Oricon, I see the same discussion happening in chat. At least one person is struggling with the non-heroic quests. A lot of times the responses from other players are not helpful, but on this day folks were spot on with their advice.

The “gold star” mobs are not tank and spanks. They knockback, stun, root, heal and interrupt. It’s not enough to just go in and dps your rear end off. You’ve got to be a little more strategic. Specifically you need to go and interrupt their abilities. Believe it or not, doing this makes these encounters a real joke. I do these on my Mercenary with Treek healing and I have no issues.

I can’t speak for other classes but Mercenaries have full toolbox for dealing with these NPCs.

  • Electro Dart has a one minute cool down and will stun the target for 4 seconds.
  • Disabling Shot has a 12 second cool down and interrupts the target.
  • Jet Boost has a 25 second cool down and will knock the target back and also interrupt them if they are casting.
  • Determination has a 90 second cool down and will free you if you’re stunned or incapacitated.

Defensively I sometimes use Energy Shield and Kolto Overload (only if I’m really in trouble). I also have Unity, which is a legacy ability that provides damage protection. Finally, if I’m really in over my head I’ll pop Heroic Moment. I usually only need that if I’m soloning the heroic quest Preemptive Strike, which, with a little work, is soloable.

And that’s that. Remember to Interrupt and you’ll be fine.