Digital Expansion: Galactic Starfighters Coming Soon

Remember the super secret space project that BioWare has been talking about for nearly two year now? It’s coming later this year.

BioWare announced the release of it’s next digital expansion, Galactic Starfighters. It’s space PvP and it’s free.

If you’ve read my stuff or listened to me over the years then you know that I’m not a big fan of PvP in MMOs. It’s just not my thing, but space combat is different, and I anticipate spending a lot of time battling foes in space. That said, I’d love to see them implement a PvE version of free flight space as well.

Here are some of the key features of the expansion,

  • 12v12 free flight space combat – Jump into fierce PvP space battles with your friends and Companions.
  • Multiple battle zones and gameplay modes – Travel to multiple space locations and fight through exciting battles with different gameplay modes.
  • Customize your starfighter – Choose from a variety of unique ships and unlock an abundant set of new weapons, powers and abilities as you advance.
  • Master a variety of ship roles – From a Scout to a Gunship, master various ship roles that suit your combat style.
  • Earn ground game rewards – Gain additional XP that gives your ground game characters a boost.

BioWare is also planning early access and giving away some rewards for subscribers, preferred, and free-to-play players.


You can check out all of the official information here, and be sure to check out the teaser trailer as well.

May the Force Be With You! Red Five Standing By!