Monday Musings: Space Cowboy


I’ve been struggling to find a good look for my Mercenary. I find that the armor sets in the Old Republic can be really hit or miss. My Mercenary is currently on his fourth look.

My first armor set was the TT-17A Hydra armor. This is a classic Mandalorian look, very reminiscent of Jango Fett’s armor. It looks great in it’s natural colors. I got this set before the existence of the Cartel Market when there were a lot fewer armor choices. They Hydra armor is heavy armor and has level restrictions in the 40s on up. All of the pieces are BoE and can be bought on the GTN.


Armor Pieces

When the appearance designer was added to the game, I changed my entire look. I went from Cyborg to Chiss and then put together an Eradicator’s outfit with pair of D-200 Military Enforcer blasters. I like this set because, although it was robe, it had armor underneath, which I thought was appropriate for my Merc. For the helmet I used the Pathfinder’s Visor. I felt more like an assassin than a Bounty Hunter. Like the Hydra armor this set looks great in it’s natural colors. It’s also a very popular outfit so if you’re trying to look unique this ins’t a good choice.


Armor Pieces

Still searching for my look, I ditched the Eradicator’s outfit and went with the Red Blade’s armor. On a side note if you’re into RP, I highly recommend that you create an imperial agent and dress him up in this armor as you go through your story on Hutta. I kept the Visor, switched to a pair of Heavy Modified Blaster Carbines, and tossed in a black/dark purple dye module. That dye module will run you close to two million credits, if not more.

stregaredbladeArmor Pieces

I ran with the Red Blade, or rather Purple Blade for a good while before I decided to change things up this weekend. I wanted to go back to something that had a heavier armor look to it. I loved the blasters so that wasn’t changing. I was tired of the visor, but liked the “techy” looking helmets, and also wanted something that didn’t cover up my entire face.

I picked up a Contract Hunter’s Chestguard, Legs and Boots. These are reputation rewards from the Bounty Contract event. For the helmet I chose the Dynamic Vandal Hat. I liked the default color for this set so I opted not to put a dye module in it. For cost savings I kept the Red Blade’s belt, gauntlets and bracers. Given that the Contract Hunter’s gear is bind on legacy I’ll probably pick up the other pieces and then pass them back and forth between my Commando.



Armor Pieces

At least for the moment I’m happy with this look and will run with it for while. The downside to changing things up is that it’s expensive. You have to buy and apply new augment kits, and then you have to spend credits ripping out all the mods to put in the new gear. I probably spent close to a million credits making this change.

That said, Star Wars has always been a bit of a Western, and playing a space cowboy, riding on his trusty steed is an insane amount of fun.