Monday Musings: Colonel Kurzen


“I Love the Smell of Kolto in the Morning” – Major Kurzen, Commander, Havoc Squad 

  • I’ve decided that I want to run Ops on the Pub side. I’ve made a real effort to gear up my Trooper this last week.
  • My Trooper is a Commando which is the same thing as a Mercenary. I’ve collected a lot of 162 (69 mods) gear on my Merc.
  • Enough gear to put my Merc’s Treek in full 162s.
  • Enough to put my Commandos Treek in nearly full 162’s.
  • Enough to put my Commando in nearly full 162’s.
  • The only items not at 162 level on my Trooper are the main and off-hand. Nothing important right?
  • By the way, can SWTOR’s gear be any more confusing?
  • Elite gear is also know as Arkanian gear, which is also know as 162 gear, which is also know as Black Market gear, which also know as 69 gear.
  • 69 Dudes!
  • I spent a lot time grinding Basic comms to purchase the two Arkanian relics. I purchased an Arkanian Relic of Boundless Ages.
  • I opted to buy Vials of Stabilized Isotope-5 and sell those and then buy an augmented Underworld Relic of Serendipitous Assault. Yum!
  • I’m using my Merc to grind out hard mode FPs for Elite comms to speed up getting my Commando gear.
  • He doesn’t need gear per se, but he does need mods and enhancement with optimized stats. Power, Accuracy and Surge are what I seek.
  • Those are the best stats for Mercs and Commandos, and yet it’s not found on much of their gear.
  • The Boltblaster helmet which costs 120 Elite Comms, offers the best value as it has power mods and accuracy enhancements.
  • My Trooper’s name is Kurzen. I wanted to name him Kurtz, but it wasn’t available.
  • Colonel Kurzen was a quest NPC from WoW. He was modeled after Kurtz.
  • Kurzen is still in the game but he’s a much watered down version of what he was originally.
  • In Vanilla WoW he was part of a long and tedious elite quest chain in Stranglethorn Vale. He was a tough SoB.
  • I died a lot to him leveling toons in WoW. I thought it would be fun to name my Trooper that.
  • Attention everyone, here comes Colonel Kurzen!
  • There is no Colonel title in SWTOR.
  • The highest trooper rank is Major.
  • Yes, you are commander of Havoc Squad, the most elite squad in the Republic.
  • That’s great, but it’s not better than being Colonel Kurzen.