Forget Patch Notes, Use the Force!


“Use the Force, Luke!” – Obi-Wan Kenobi

If you’ve read my stuff, then you know I’m a big quality of life guy. I’m a huge fan of anything that offers time savings and convenience in-game. Well as @HawtRepublic and others have discovered, patch 2.3.2 snuck in some very good quality of life changes via the Legacy system.

The two big perks are reducing the cooldown of quick travel to 10 minutes, and the reduction of the Fleet Pass to zero. That’s right ZERO! Now these benefits apply to subscribers and I believe preferred and free-to-play will longer cooldowns. But if you subscribe, which I do, then these are both awesome. They also added the option to purchase a Guild Bank for your ship. That one is kind of meh.

Given all of the issues that BioWare has had with patches lately, why they wanted players to discover these via the Force and not patch notes is beyond me. Heck, nevermind the patch notes, these perks are video worthy.

Whoever at BioWare decided that these changes were a good idea, you sir, deserve a raise.

May the Force Be With You!

[EDIT] Um, yeah, so it turns out these were in the patch notes under the very subtle heading of LEGACY. What may not have been immediately obvious to morons like me, was the implication of the changes. It should also be noted that my two primary toons are Mercenary and Commando. I’m not so good with that whole Force thing or the whole reading patch notes thing. Le sigh.


    1. Well crud, and I did read them at least twice. Will pay more attention next time.

      An man is that 10 min. CD on quick travel awesome for doing dailies on Makeb.

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