Monday Musings: The Final Frontier


“Flying is for Droids.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi


  • BioWare revealed a little tidbit about the Super Secret Space Project at the Community Cantina in Seattle.
  • The project is a little less secret now, but not much.
  • We still don’t know what it entails. The obvious guess is X-Wing vs. Tie-Fighter / Jump to Lightspeed like space combat with PvP.
  • There was no mention of when we would see this.
  • I suspect this will be the core of the next expansion.
  • If it is coming in an expansion, then I would not expect to see it until next Spring. Maybe in April which would be about year after the release of RotHC.
  • April seems a long way off, but there will be a Beta period before that.
  • Fingers already crossed for a Beta invite.
  • FWIW, I haven’t played the space mini-game in months.
  • Most days I forget it exists.
  • I usually remember it when I’m bored.
  • I’m happy to say I haven’t been bored in SWTOR in a quite a while.
  • The space project will give us new ships to fly, but it is doubtful that we’ll get new ships to replace our class ones.
  • The space project wasn’t the only thing mentioned at the Cantina tour.
  • There was mention of additional playable species. Cathar were successful so BioWare is talking about what to add next.
  • I’d love to see Wookiees.
  • Probably won’t be Wookiees.
  • Imperial Wookies really don’t fit.
  • I’m trying to imagine a Wookiee Imperial Agent.
  • “She’s still spitting up hairballs”, comes to mind.
  • Wookiee conversations would get really old really fast too.
  • Yeah, Wookiess ain’t gonna’ happen.
  • Note: I wrote the stuff about Wookiees before Ootinicast posted their transcript. No playable Wookiees confirmed, for all the reasons I noted above 🙂
  • They like way they told the Makeb story. Moving forward they may make a little more individualize regarding classes, but it sounds like fully blow class stories won’t happen moving forward.
  • I wish they would rethink that. Yes, the Makeb story was very good, but those class stories were outstanding.
  • Sounds like BioWare has a lot in the hopper right for SWTOR. Can’t wait to see it all happen.

Finally, I leave you with this Space Project teaser trailer that was uploaded by the fine folks from OotiniCast, and you can read their whole Cantina Tour write-up here.


  1. I would love Nautalins (spelling?) to be a playable race. Don’t know how they would wear helmets though….

    1. I suspect that they would display most helmets. Maybe the eyepieces, but other headgear and hoods would probably not be displayed.

      I’ve never played a Twi’lek in-game, so I imagine it would work like they do.

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