How Much is Too Much?


I have no intention of buying a mount, or anything for 30 million credits, but I do take some comfort in knowing that I could. I don’t know what the most expensive item in the game is right now, but I have to think that a 30 million credit price tag is darn near the top. Despite be able to afford some big ticket items, I don’t feel rich yet.

Part of that feeling comes from the fact that when I look at all the things I want or need it adds up to 30 million credits pretty fast. Enhancements, armoring, and mods with optimized stats. Augmented gear for my companions. Reputation mounts and gear costing millions. Underworld relics, earpieces and implants. Gearing up my alts which include augmenting their gear. Like I said it doesn’t take much to burn through all of those credits, and I hate to do it on temporary items.

Now back to my original premise of how much is too much, there is a good post on Reddit called When Should I Feel Rich, which seeks to answer this question. As with anything that comes from the Internet you need to take the responses with a grain of salt. Especially the final comment that claims there’s a player running around with 750 million credits. Still there are a number of comments from people claiming to have between 30-40 million range which is entirely plausible.

There is an in-game achievement for having 10 million credits in hand. It comes with a Legacy title – The Wealthy. There are no monetary achievements beyond that. So at least at the beginning of this expansion the developers seemed to think that 10 million was a significant number.

That may have been true at the start, but I’m beginning to think that the number is starting to creep up. When you look at the recent updates we’re starting to see more high ticket items enter the game. Treek for one million, a Czerka mount for on million, HK-51 companion customization for one million. There are also other weapons and items costing hundreds of thousands of credits.

Those mount prices I’m showing on the GTN aren’t necessarily in the absurd range either. Okay, the Morlinger Aggressor for 30 million is totally crazy, but the average selling price for that mount is about four million. High end Armorings, mods, and enhancements sell for 1.5-2 million, and I have no doubt that they sell.

I think most people look at the items they want, earn enough to buy them, go broke, and then rebuild. I spend money, but my focus has been on earning it first. In all my years playing WoW I’ve always had enough to get by, but never enough to be comfortable so I’m trying to be different with SWTOR. I’d love to see my bank account hit the 100 million mark.

Only then might you see me driving around in a Korrealis Commander. Until then I’ll just have to settle for my Morlinger, and my Czerka CR-17. Oh and my Solus Secant.

May the Force Be With You!