Podcast Redux: Haste Changes

Last week we had Vee from Ask Mr. Robot on the show. One of the things we talked about were upcoming changes to Haste and the impact on the RPPM (real proc-per minute) trinkets in Patch 5.4. The bottom line is you don’t want to be stacking Haste for sake of your RPPM trinkets.

From Ask Mr. Robot:

“Before 5.4, Haste increased the proc rate of your “RPPM” (real proc-per minute) Trinkets and Legendary Meta Gem. That means, the more Haste you had, the more often it would proc. Well that will no longer be happening in 5.4, for trinkets that already get a benefit from Haste.

For example, Breath of the Hydra gives a bonus to Intellect when it procs. Haste will let you get more casts off while that proc is active, which means more damage , so Blizzard is removing the Haste scaling from its RPPM formula. Horridon’s Last Gasp, on the other hand, just restores mana. The amount of mana doesn’t change based on how much Haste you have, so the Haste scaling on the RPPM will still work on this trinket.”

Kheldul from Hunter-DPS wrote about this yesterday as well. You can read his entire post here.

“All this means is that if you had been following along and stacking Haste as you got more RPPM items then you will not see as much benefit from that Haste as you do now. The trinkets are half as good and double as good and a little juiced. If you hadn’t been stacking Haste before then you probably will notice nothing at all. If you had been then you’ll notice a DPS decline.”

What this means is we can now throw away all of those unanswered questions about when to switch to Haste as it will be a moot point in Patch 5.4. It also means that when the patch drops you’ll probably want to hit up Ask Mr. Robot and Female Dwarf to re-optimize your gear.

Speaking of Zeherah we currently have her penciled in to appear on the podcast on Saturday, September 7th. That’s the weekend right before the patch hits so she’ll give us her thoughts on how the Hunter specs are stacking up going into this patch.

Some of the rumors I’m hearing is that BM will want Haste (I know I just said to forget about Haste, but that was in regards to RPPM), SV will want Crit, and MM isn’t clear. I’m also hearing that each spec will favor different trinkets in the new patch. As always we’ll try to get to the bottom of all this.

Thanks for listening and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager!

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