Monday Musings: Show Me the Credits


“You win some, you lose some. You just lost some!” – Gault

  • Freelancer and Contractor packs are currently listing for about 500k per pack. If they indeed sell for this amount, it means my Hypercrate was worth 12 million.
  • I got two Morlinger Aggressors in my Hypercrate. I kept one and sold the other for 4 million. I made an additional 500k off of other items. If I had sold the other Aggressor I would have earned about 8 million for my Hypercrate. Still 4 million short of it’s potential.
  • I have 30 million credits. I can handle the 4 million shortfall.
  • I’m obsessed with credits.
  • I can’t really handle the 4 million shortfall. It’s going to eat away at me for a long time.
  • By the way, even with 30 million credits, I somehow feel poor.
  • Like I said, I’m obsessed with credits.
  • 500K for a pack seems like a rip-off. The big ticket items are the Morlinger  Aggressor, Woodlands Varactyl, and the Series 505 armor. Chances of getting any of these items is low. Case in point, in 24 packs I got two Aggressors, no Varactyl and one piece of leg armor from the Series 505 set. You’re better off earning the credits to buy the specific items you want rather than investing in packs.
  • That last statement is my way of telling myself that there is now way I would’ve made 12 million credits off my Hypercrate packs.
  • I so would’ve made 12 million credits from selling my Hypercrate.
  • There are some lovely beaches on Denova. I bet that 12 million would’ve gone a long way towards developing some beautiful resorts once the war was over, but alas.
  • The Morlinger Agressor is every bit as cool as you’d think.
  • It costs 600 coins to add the Agressor to a collection.
  • That’s a little more than it costs to add the Solus Secant and Czerka CR-17 Incendia to a collection.
  • That’s way more than it costs to add the Hyrotti Racer and Orlean Patriot to a collection. Both are also cool mounts.
  • I’ve dressed my Trooper in red/white armor to match his Orlean Patriot.
  • I’ve dressed my Agent in yellow/black armor to match his Hyrotti Racer.
  • The Morlinger Agressor looks great wearing any armor.
  • My great Hypercrate experiment is over. I don’t think I’ll be buying one of those again.
  • There are plenty of credits to be made via crafting and elsewhere. Using real money to make fake money isn’t necessary.
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