A Special Request

We received the following e-mail from Tinitha of the Dawnbringer realm. We’ll read it on the next episode of the Hunting Party Podcast, but I wanted to relay it here first.

Whether we’ve played this game a few months or for nine years, I thinks it’s safe to say that all of us have made friends in World of Warcraft. My wife likes to refer my WoW friends as my “imaginary friends”, but virtual as they may be, these friendships are real as any I’ve made throughout my life, and the loss of a friend is always a sad thing.

Padwnyeta was not a Hunter, but he was fellow Warcrafter, and although I did not know him, I have made many friends in this game, and I understand what a terrible thing it would be if any of them were to pass away.

Tinitha is heading an effort to have an in-game memorial made to Padwenyeta, and she’s asked us to help spread the word. Consider the word spread, Tinitha.

Below is her message and a link to her forum thread where you can show your support for an in-game memorial to Padwenyeta.

On Aug 9th 2013, I lost one of my bestfriend, he has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla. His real name was Jason Shaffer, his toon name was Padwenyeta of Maive. He was everything and anything that you could thing of for a guildie and a friend in real life. Always willing to jump at the thought of helping someone, he would run his guildies through dungeons all day just to get them valor/justice. He had two of his best friends he always played with Tess and Jon, which if it was not for their dedication to our friend, I would not be writing. To me Jason and I knew each other four 7 years, I met him on his birthday. In time he grew to be one of my best friends. I would sit here and write over and over again all the good memories of him we had, but I’m afraid I may babble or bore you at some point.

Tess and Jon are trying to get enough votes on a forum to catch a GMs attention, in memory of Padwenyeta we are trying to get an in game memorial done for him like they have done for so many others. Most cases it is pushed by a member who works at blizz or knows someone who works there. For us, we are doing it like a very few have, by using the forums.