Podcast Happenings


I wanted to give everyone a quick podcast update. First the good news is that last three episodes (177, 178 and 179) have all be edited and are ready for iTunes. The bad news is we rely on Euripides to get them there, and he’s out of pocket doing cool work related things, and thus we’re way behind. When he gets back I’ll see if I can find a way for me to do it as a backup, and eliminate the single point of failure that’s preventing you from getting our awesome content.

If you are so inclined, some clever people out there have figured out how to convert youtube video audio into .mp3. Not an excuse for not getting you our shows on-time, but a workaround in case you’re really itching to get your fix.

Now onto to other news. As you probably know by now, Frostheim is leaving the show. I guess the impending loss of a friendship bracelet to Euripides was more than he could take, and he’s outta here. There probably won’t be a show on August 3rd, so right now his final episode is planned for Saturday, August 10th. Michele Morrow will be joining us, so expect it to be light on news and heavy on mayhem, and perhaps a beer or two.

Frostheim is leaving some pretty big shoes to fill, and I don’t know that we’ll try. The show will continue with Euripides and I, and likely Arth when he’s available. Naturally, Frost will be required to make BRK like appearances, so you’ll hear from him again.

I’d like to see us focus on having more guests on the show, which is one of things we intended when we started the podcast four years ago. If you have any suggestions for guests, leave them in the comments or e-mail them to huntingpartypodcast@gmail.com and we’ll see what we can do.

Thanks for listening and remember to drink your Darkbrew Lager!