Episode 179: What the *bleep* Frostheim!?

Warning: This is the live un-edited version of the podcast, and it contains strong language inappropriate for youngins’. It’s also horribly unedited and contains idle chit-chat before and after the show. Sometimes that’s the best stuff. The image of the Dwarf with Bear is pretty bad ass too. Enjoy!

This Week:

  • Frostheim announces his retirement from WoW Blogging, WoW Insider, and yes, The Hunting Party Podcast.
  • After that bombshell, we manged to talk about the lastest 5.4 PTR changes for hunters including buffs to A Murder of Crows, Arcane Shot, Steady Shot and Cobra Shot.
  • We did some listener Q&A, and read an e-mail!

Episode 179: What the *bleep* Frostheim!?

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