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It’s a bit of a sad day for the Hunter community. Frostheim, my podcast partner, and dare I say friend, announced that he is retiring from all endeavors related to WoW, except actually playing the game.

For the last three and 1/2 years I’ve had the pleasure of joining Frost on air, broadcasting the Hunting Party Podcast. Frost’s first appearance was on episode 9, and like most things Frost does, he exceeded expectations, and the listeners loved him. He returned for episode 11, where he did a segment on his WHU reader email (somewhere in there is some deep-rooted irony).

Shortly after that episode, Euripides approached me about making Frost a regular part of the show. It seemed like a no-brainer, and by episode 13, he was a permanent host. He changed the show for the better, delighting fans with his theorycrafting insights, and witty phrases such as – semi colon, however, comma, and reviling them with his infamous hairy arms. There were also the friendship bracelet bets, which, by the way, he’s about to lose one.

One cannot overstate Frostheim’s many contributions to Hunter community, of which the podcast was only a small part. There was his blog, the Scattered Shots column on WoW Insider, the WHU guild and the all Hunter events. The WHU BBQ where Hunters could get together outside of the game, and of course, the many great Hunter songs. I’m particularly fond of the Boom De Yadda parody.

When BigRedKitty retired in 2009, he left a great void in the Hunter community. As we all know, nature abhors a vacuum, and Frostheim quickly filled that gap, and he did it in his own way.

Thank you for the good times and the great memories, you will be missed but not forgotten.

Good Hunting!

Hunters Are Just Awesome – Boom De Yada Song


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