RotHC, A Fresh Start!


As I write this the SWTOR servers are being brought down to apply the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion patch. While the servers get a reboot and a fresh start, I would like to remind everyone that expansions are a great opportunity for you to get a fresh start too.

I’m taking this down time do a little self reflection and think about the things I didn’t do but wished I had. Overall I’m pleased with what I was able to accomplish in 1.0. The one thing I would’ve changed is making a point to experience the end-game content sooner than I did, which includes running more Flashpoints and doing Hard/Nightmare Operations.

So while the server team works their magic, here are a few things to contemplate for when they come up tomorrow.

  • Wished you had run more Operations? Perhaps you wished you did more Nightmare modes? Seek out an Ops team with that goal in mind and go for it.
  • Wished you had played a DPS instead of a tank or healer? Play a DPS. You pay decent money for this game, you should do what you think is fun.
  • Wished you were running your own guild? Then start a new guild. Just be prepared to do all the work that goes into running one.
  • Unhappy with your current guild? Find a new one. In case any of my guildies are reading this, this does not apply to me. I love my guild.
  • Don’t like your current class or advanced class? Then switch to one you like.
  • Wished you had run more Flashpoints? Run more Flashpoints then. I know I didn’t run them nearly enough and there are some I still haven’t seen.
  • Wished you had done more PvP? Then do more PvP, or do ranked PvP.
  • Wished you had spent time learning how to play the GTN? Then learn how to play the GTN and become a gazillionaire.

If you want to get the most out of playing an MMO it’s good to set some goals, and then do what you can to achieve them. Expansions are great equalizers as everyone is more or less on equal footing when they start. It’s a great opportunity to catch up and make the game all you want it to be.

See you on Makeb!