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There are lots of tools out there to help you reforge your gear. You can use and online tool like Female Dwarf or Ask Mr. Robot, or in-game addons such as Reforginator and Reforge Lite. My tool of preference is WoW Reforge. It’s an online resource that will import your character from the Amory and then reforge your gear.

I like the tool because it’s fairly easy to use, and it gives you multiple options to reforge your gear allowing you to base decisions on stat redistribution and even cost. One of the issues with this tool is that it doesn’t account for item upgrades when reforging your gear. Well, it doesn’t import the upgraded stats from the Armory.

I have an upgraded Fang Kung, which has expertise on it, and every time I reforge, the tool usually recommends that I reforge out of expertise on this item. If the tool isn’t taking into account the actual expertise on the item, it calculates it wrong, and I end up be blow the cap.

It turns out that you can modify the stats on any given item. To do this, just click on any item and then modify its stats. Just type in the numbers you wish to modify and click ‘Apply’. I changed the crit and expertise stats to reflect that my item was upgraded twice.


Now when you click the ‘Optimize’ button it will reforge based on your modified stats.


So simple, and yet it’s a feature I didn’t realize existed until very recently. Perhaps you overlooked this too?

Happy Hunting!

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  1. I’m also a big fan of wow reforge, but it seems to be a little slow with taking valor upgrades into account. When last I checked, it did not.
    I use wow reforge for the chars that don’t have upgraded gear.
    For those that have it, I use Reforge Lite and run it at least three times (sometimes subsequent runs improve totals, which is something else I like (it can improve own results)).

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