The Dwindling To Do List

Pandaland is just over a month old now, and things are starting to feel manageable. And by that I mean, WoW feels less like a 60-hour a week job and more like a 9-5 job. Still the list of should do is now less than the list of could do.

Gone from the “I must do these things each and every day” list are,

  • Cloud Serpents. I have a a Jade and Azure mount and never use them because I created a Jewelcrafting mount. Sapphire!
  • Gold Lotus is at revered status. You get a 489 neck at exalted, but I have the valor one so no rush to get to exalted.
  • Shadow-Pan is at revered status. Unless there’s a 489 shiny for hitting exalted, there’s no reason to hit these each day.
  • Exalted with Tillers. I still garden every day, but again, these dailies are now on optional status.

Still on the grind list are,

  • Klaxxi is at revered, however, I recently found out that you get a 489 ring at exalted. About eight more days to go on this one.
  • August Celestials is at honored. Once I hit revered I’ll “unlock” the last of the valor gear.
  • Getting valor capped each week.
  • Running LFR.
  • Kill Sha.
  • Gates of the Setting Sun each day until I get a ranged upgrade from somewhere.

In addition to the dailies and the dungeons I’ve also been raiding.  Our team is now 4/6 MV normal and making good progress on Elegon. If nothing else it’s a good looking fight. I’ve also recently overhauled my UI by downloading and installing Kripparian’s MoP UI, but more on that another time.

As you can see the seas have calmed a bit, which means I can focus on a few other things, like say doing a podcast. There will be a Hunting Party Podcast this Saturday, and we will once again be joined by Big Red Kitty. See you there.