The Elegon in the Room

Last week our raid team finally pulled it together and defeated Elegon (10). We had been struggling with him for the better part of two raid lockouts, and frankly, we were getting sick of wiping on him.

Elegon is without a doubt one of the toughest fights this tier and the first real stumbling block that most guilds will encounter. I did a little checking and I’ve put in 64 attempts on this boss, which is at least 20 more than any other boss I’ve faced. After defeating him we then two-shot Will of the Emperor and then three-shot Imperial Vizier Zor’lok.

The next night we got Blade Lord to 3% on our best attempt, so it won’t be long before we’re working on Garalon. If you’re struggling on Elegon, take heart, for once you clear him you may find a few easy victories to follow.

Defeating Elegon requires everything to go right, and everyone needs to do their job without exception. There just isn’t a lot of room for error and smallest mistake will cause a wipe. As far as Hunters are concerned it’s not a difficult fight to learn, but mastering it is another story. Here are a few things I recommend for this encounter.

  • Take advantage of the sweet spot. There is an area right on edge of the platform where you can get the buff and clear your stacks just by jumping. It’s critical that you take advantage of this. It saves you from having to move, and when the floor drops you won’t fall down, which means you can get some buffed DPS time on your pillar.
  • Use Fervor. Some guides recommend Thrill of the Hunt for the orb phase. Thrill of the Hunt is very effective, but so is Fervor. I like Fervor for the on-demand focus it provides. Having this control not only works in the orb phase, but is beneficial to you throughout the fight.
  • Binding Shot. Okay so I forgot to spec this for our kill, but it was recommended by Rogerbrown from Method. Binding Shot is useful on the adds that spawn during the pillar phase. I plan to try it next time I raid.
  • Deterrence and Glyph of Deterrence can help mitigate damage from the exploding orbs and Celestial Protectors.

Elegaon is tough fight, and I think it’s a fun fight, and it drops one of the coolest mounts in the game. I suspect folks will be defeating him for quite some time this expansion. I’m certainly wiling to defeat him once a week for that mount.

Finally, our guild is recruiting raiders for our two 10-man raid teams. Group one run raids four nights a week (Tue-Fri, 8-11 PM EST), and Group two raids two nights a week (Tue/Wed 8-11 PM  EST). Alas we have plenty of hunters but could use some melee DPS (Rogue or Fury Warrior or Monk), and both groups could use a healer (Disc. priest, Monk or Pally). Those classes are just what we’d prefer, but we’ll gladly accept anyone willing to put in the time and effort to progress. Our goal is to clear normal modes and the move into heroics. If you’re interested please shoot me an e-mail at and we can talk further.

Everybody Have Fun Tonight

Everybody Fang Kung tonight! I know it just a pea-shooter and not nearly as smexy as this Sha-touched beauty, but it’s better than this sling-shot I’ve been carrying around. Besides it’s not every day that I’m able to get a cheesy 80’s song stuck in your head. /mwahaha.

The Dwindling To Do List

Pandaland is just over a month old now, and things are starting to feel manageable. And by that I mean, WoW feels less like a 60-hour a week job and more like a 9-5 job. Still the list of should do is now less than the list of could do.

Gone from the “I must do these things each and every day” list are,

  • Cloud Serpents. I have a a Jade and Azure mount and never use them because I created a Jewelcrafting mount. Sapphire!
  • Gold Lotus is at revered status. You get a 489 neck at exalted, but I have the valor one so no rush to get to exalted.
  • Shadow-Pan is at revered status. Unless there’s a 489 shiny for hitting exalted, there’s no reason to hit these each day.
  • Exalted with Tillers. I still garden every day, but again, these dailies are now on optional status.

Still on the grind list are,

  • Klaxxi is at revered, however, I recently found out that you get a 489 ring at exalted. About eight more days to go on this one.
  • August Celestials is at honored. Once I hit revered I’ll “unlock” the last of the valor gear.
  • Getting valor capped each week.
  • Running LFR.
  • Kill Sha.
  • Gates of the Setting Sun each day until I get a ranged upgrade from somewhere.

In addition to the dailies and the dungeons I’ve also been raiding.  Our team is now 4/6 MV normal and making good progress on Elegon. If nothing else it’s a good looking fight. I’ve also recently overhauled my UI by downloading and installing Kripparian’s MoP UI, but more on that another time.

As you can see the seas have calmed a bit, which means I can focus on a few other things, like say doing a podcast. There will be a Hunting Party Podcast this Saturday, and we will once again be joined by Big Red Kitty. See you there.

Time to Make the Donuts

It’s Tuesday and that means the valor cap is reset, the week begins anew and once more it’s “time to make the donuts.” It took everything I had to reach the cap last night, which left me feeling like – “Yay, I reached the valor cap, and boo, I reached the valor cap”. True story.

At some point when MoP was being designed someone at Blizzard must have been playing with an internet meme generator and came up with the following – “Yo dawg we heard you like dailies, so we you got you some dailies to go with your dailies!” It probably circulated around the office, landed on a desk of someone in charge, and that person took the ball and ran with it.

As a result, every level 90 now feels run to ground with dailies. As a guildie of mine pointed out it’s like Questception out there. Dailies that lead to dailies, that lead to more dailies. It just gets deeper and deeper with each quest.

I logged into the game around 8pm last night. I ran one 5-man and the rest of the night was spent doing dailies, and I didn’t even do all of the dailies I wanted. I logged out at 12:15 am. Patch 5.1 is on the PTR right now. One of the highlighted features? You guessed it, dailies.

One of the benefits of all those dailies is that I now have enough lesser coins for about three weeks of elder coin turn-ins. Why the lesser coins aren’t on the currency tab is beyond me. I means coins are practically the definition of currency.

I haven’t worked out a good strategy for my elder coins. You get three a week and can have a maximum of ten. Sha and Galleon are logical places to spend them, as are normal and heroic raids. I’m not sold on burning them in LFR with the exception of bosses that drop trinkets and ranged weapons. It all depends on the level and rate of progression and how many bosses your group can kill in a given week. You want to make sure you have enough coins to use on the bosses that have the best upgrades available to you. I used two coins last week, Sha gave me gold and the Stone Guard yielded bracers. I love this system.

We defeated the Stone Guard last week and we’re real close on Feng. I’m curious to see how we fare this week. Do we have Stone Guard on farm and can we get Feng down in only a few tries? I suspect yes on the latter, but no on the former.

From a ranged DPS standpoint Feng is our Patchwerk. A single target fight with limited movement. I wasn’t happy with my DPS on this one and plan to make some changes for this week. The biggest is switching to Dire Beat from Thrill of the Hunt. I like that Thrill is passive, but I don’t like the way it screws with the SV rotation. My UI needs some adjustment as well, but that’s not something to change on raid night. Been there, done that, have the wipes to prove it.

They’re Tameable

Okay so here’s the new strategy for the Stone Guard in the Moshu’gan Vaults. Gather three to four Hunters and some healers and get your tame on. In a mere few seconds you will have defeated the Stone Guard by turning them into faithful companions. Note you should only apply this strategy if you don’t care about loot. Also your Hunters might need to be level 93.

I had an opportunity to experience this first fight last night in both LFR and normal. LFR isn’t even worth talking about, other than to say you should run it every week. Normal on the other hand has a lot more going on. For a good strategy you can check out this guide at Marks-365. Also check out the Wow Hunter’s Hall for a variety of Hunter raid videos. We’re still in the learning phase so I’m not able to report a successful kill yet, but I can give you some quick impressions.

All fights require raid awareness, but some require more than others. This fight is in the “more than others” category. In a nutshell this fight involves avoiding stuff on the ground, switching targets and DPS’ing on the move.

At some point in the fight you’ll get chained to another player, and you’ll have to stick with your partner for a long as you’re chained. You will need to stack together and move together as a unit. You will learn a lot about your fellow players’ raid habits from this mechanic.

You’ll see who likes to move around whether it’s necessary or not. You’ll see who is fast at reacting to stuff on the ground and who is not. You’ll discover who likes to zig and who likes to zag, and you’ll learn to hate blink if tethered to a Mage. You won’t hate the Mage’s DPS unless you’re hoping to compete with them.

I think the jury is still out on where Hunter DPS stands, but I’m going to say that single target DPS seems a bit on the low side compared to other classes; I ran as Survival by the way. Now that raiding is in full swing you can expect Blizzard to start tweaking the classes. Let’s hope that Hunters are recipients of buffs and not nerfs.

It’s nice to be raiding fresh content again and despite the wipes I like this first encounter. Have you started raiding yet? Killed any bosses and what are your impressions about Hunter DPS?

I’m Going In!

As Mists of Pandaria heads into its third week, I’m finally heading into my first MoP raid. I’ve reached the point where 5-man heroics have little or nothing left to offer in terms of gear. The only items I have that aren’t at least 463 are the Bladesong Cloak and Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket. I saw my cloak drop on back-to-back runs. I lost one to a Rogue and the other to Druid who needed OS for it. And everyone wonders why we pick on the support classes. No matter I’m more than geared for the first raid.

Now despite the fact that all of these blues will soon be replaced, I’ve gemmed, reforged and enchanted everything but my bracers. I’m bringing Virmin’s Bite and Flasks of Spring Blossoms. I haven’t reached 600 in cooking yet so I don’t have any Sea Mist Rice Noodles, but I’m getting there.

It may seem frustrating to sink all of this gold into gear that’s going to be replaced in short order, but when you go into these first tier raids you’re doing so under-geared, and that extra bit of damage output will make the difference between a wipe and a kill and shiny new upgrades.

Once more unto the breach!