Time to Make the Donuts

It’s Tuesday and that means the valor cap is reset, the week begins anew and once more it’s “time to make the donuts.” It took everything I had to reach the cap last night, which left me feeling like – “Yay, I reached the valor cap, and boo, I reached the valor cap”. True story.

At some point when MoP was being designed someone at Blizzard must have been playing with an internet meme generator and came up with the following – “Yo dawg we heard you like dailies, so we you got you some dailies to go with your dailies!” It probably circulated around the office, landed on a desk of someone in charge, and that person took the ball and ran with it.

As a result, every level 90 now feels run to ground with dailies. As a guildie of mine pointed out it’s like Questception out there. Dailies that lead to dailies, that lead to more dailies. It just gets deeper and deeper with each quest.

I logged into the game around 8pm last night. I ran one 5-man and the rest of the night was spent doing dailies, and I didn’t even do all of the dailies I wanted. I logged out at 12:15 am. Patch 5.1 is on the PTR right now. One of the highlighted features? You guessed it, dailies.

One of the benefits of all those dailies is that I now have enough lesser coins for about three weeks of elder coin turn-ins. Why the lesser coins aren’t on the currency tab is beyond me. I means coins are practically the definition of currency.

I haven’t worked out a good strategy for my elder coins. You get three a week and can have a maximum of ten. Sha and Galleon are logical places to spend them, as are normal and heroic raids. I’m not sold on burning them in LFR with the exception of bosses that drop trinkets and ranged weapons. It all depends on the level and rate of progression and how many bosses your group can kill in a given week. You want to make sure you have enough coins to use on the bosses that have the best upgrades available to you. I used two coins last week, Sha gave me gold and the Stone Guard yielded bracers. I love this system.

We defeated the Stone Guard last week and we’re real close on Feng. I’m curious to see how we fare this week. Do we have Stone Guard on farm and can we get Feng down in only a few tries? I suspect yes on the latter, but no on the former.

From a ranged DPS standpoint Feng is our Patchwerk. A single target fight with limited movement. I wasn’t happy with my DPS on this one and plan to make some changes for this week. The biggest is switching to Dire Beat from Thrill of the Hunt. I like that Thrill is passive, but I don’t like the way it screws with the SV rotation. My UI needs some adjustment as well, but that’s not something to change on raid night. Been there, done that, have the wipes to prove it.