Mogging for MoP

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Pandria, a mystical undiscovered land full of  wisdom, beauty, peace, and secrets waiting to be plundered …err, discovered.

With Deathwing dead and no overpowered-being pontificating on how he is going to destroy all life on Azeroth, the Horde and Alliance seek to fill that void by renewing their hatred for one another and escalating their conflict. About time if you ask me.

An occasion such as this demands that I break out my war-time finest. A set that screams for the Alliance, for Khaz Modan, and more importantly isn’t too tight in the crotch. When I land ashore in Pardaria and prepare to do battle with the Horde I will do so wearing my Windrunner’s Battlegear. This is blue/gold alliance themed tier set. The shoulder even contain the Alliance insignia.

If you recall this is the Tier 9 set that was introduced in patch 3.2 with Trial of the Crusader. Unlike today’s sets all item level versions of the armor have the same look. This is great news because the entire tier set can be purchased for 2,729 Justice Points. That’s head, shoulders, chest, legs and gloves. This leaves belt and boots for farming, and you will need a group to do it.

Both the belt and boots are drops from Trial of the Crusader, and you will find versions of each in both 10 and 25-man. Unfortunately 10 and 25-man  now share the same lockout so you will have to run one or the other. Luckily the Shaman and Hunter tier sets look identical, so any mail belt and boots will work for trasnmog purposes. This is great because the only mail agility belt from this tier drops off of Anub’arak in 25-man.

Options for the belt are, Girdle of the Farseer (Jaraxxus – 10), Belt of the Ice Burrower (Icehowl – 25), Belt of Deathly Dominion (Anub’arak – 25). Options for the boots are, Boots of Tortured Space (Jaraxxus – 10), Sentinel Scouting Greaves (Jaraxxus – 10), Sabatons of Ruthless Judgment (Twins – 25), Boots of Tremoring Earth (Champions – 25). Please note that links are for the heroic items, but the normal items look exactly the same. To be honest, heroic TotC is so easy, there’s no point to running it in normal.

My recommendation is to farm the items from 10-man. You won’t need a full group of 10, and Lord Jaraxxus has three potential drops for this set. You could get both the belt and boots from a single kill.

The Windrunner’s set is all about for the Alliance. The second part of the set is for Khaz Modan.

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For the cloak I’m using the Shroud of Ironforge. It’s a nice cloak with the symbol of Ironforge prominently displayed. You can get this for about two gold from Captain Stonehelm in Ironforge, and it requires you to be exalted with Ironforge. sThe big show piece of the set is my gun. I’m wielding the Blunderbuss of Khaz Modan. It’s ornate, powerful, dwarfly, and can be used to shoot you in the face or club you over the head. It can be purchased for 25 champion seals which you acquire through the Argent Tournament dailies in Northrend. A nice alternative for this gun is The Diplomat that drops from Twins – 10 in Trial of the Crusader.

The final item in my set is the Fiery Eye of the Beholder. As an Engineer and lover of goggles this piece really shines. Now these aren’t goggle per se, and the piece doesn’t come from Engineering. This high-tech monocle is a drop from Collidus the Warp-watcher, a rare elite in Shadowmoon Valley. If you’re lucky enough to find him, there’s no guarantee that he’ll drop this item. He has leather, plate and cloth versions of this item. It is BoE so you might find one on the Auction House.

My entire transmog set is as follows,

And with that I’m off Dalaran to visit my old friend Sheddle Glossgleam for one more shoe shine before flying to Pandaria to smash some Horde and teach my new Pandaren mates how make a real brew.

For the Alliance, for Khaz Modan!

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  1. Ah, the ToC boat shoulders. Brings back memories, those things.

    Another weapon that would work with that set would be the [url=]Airship Marine’s Sharpshooter[/url], which is a duplicate of the old favorite [url=]BRK-1000[/url]. It’s apparently a reward from completing the opening quests in Jade Forest, so keep your eyes out and don’t accidentally pass it up!

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