Launch Day!

Happy launch day to you all!

I’m working all day today, so I won’t hit Pandaria until about 7pm EST. I’d like to think that the starting zone will be cleared out by then, but I know better.

I did wake up early this morning and was able to get some of the Administrative tasks out of the way. Here are some things that I did that you might want to consider as you begin your journey to Pandaria.

  • Remember to visit your profession trainers so you can begin leveling them up.
  • Pet battles are live, so be sure to visit a pet trainer.
  • I turned in my 25 daily quests. I’m guessing it was close 10 Pandaria quests worth of XP.
  • I’m going as BM with a Spirit Beast and Water Strider as my active pets. I’m keeping three slots open for taming new stuff. Jade Kitty!
  • For the focus talent I went with Thrill of the Hunt. It seems to proc a fair bit, and I like the that fact that it’s passive.
I’m stuck at work for the next few hours, but can’t wait to get home and do some leveling. So how has your first day in Pandaria been?