It Went Down to the Wire

I’m going on vacation this week, so for me it was clear Heroic Dragon Soul this week or not at all.

By the grace of Elune everyone on our raid team was available we cleared the dungeon. This represents the first dungeon that I’ve been able to clear on heroic when it was still the current content.

Heroic Spine was by far the most challenging encounter in Dragon Soul, and it’s the one that took us the most attempts to defeat. Even with the 35% nerf it posed challenges that were difficult to overcome.

It’s unfortunate that it took so long to reach this point, as Heroic Madness turned out to be one of the easier encounters. I can only imagine what could have been If we had been able to put a consistent team on the floor each week.

Still it’s a nice precedent to set by our guild going into MoP. I suspect we’ll switch our focus from 25s to 10s with the realistic goal of clearing the content on heroic each patch.

Neither Spine nor Madness had any loot I could use, but I did manage to convince our raid to hit up TotC where the Boots of Tortured Space dropped. This was the last piece I needed for the Transmog set that I plan to use in Pandaria. More on that tomorrow.


Darkbrew, Savior of Azeroth


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