Sporebats Got More Awesome

It’s not like Sporebats needed a reason to become more awesome, but Blizzard has made them so. Through his Twitter account @Ghostcrawler indicated that Sporebats now bring the Spell Haste buff.

It’s not documented in any patch notes, but if you look at your Sporebat you’ll see that this is indeed the case.

Balance Druids, Shadow Priests and Elemental Shaman are the only class specs in the game that can provide this buff so Hunters will most likely need to keep a Sporebat in the stable at all times. I know that in my 10-man we often don’t have one of those three specs, so I anticipate my Sporebat seeing a lot of action.

Currently the Sporebat’s ability is called Mind Quickening. The description is from the Shadow Priest’s Shadowform ability. The Sporebat doesn’t actually go into shadowform, get increased shadow damage, or a damage reduction. It’s not the the Sporebat can’t, it just chooses not to, because it’s just that awesome.

I will assume that every Hunter out there is running with a Sporebat so there is no need to tell you to get thee to Zangarmarsh and tame one.

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