We’re Three!

Happy St. Patrick’s day to you, and happy blogiversary to me! It’s hard to believe that it was three years ago today that I decided to throw my hat into the Hunter blogging ring.

Now back in March of 2009 the blogging landscape looked a lot different than it does now. BigRedKitty was still active and sitting atop the Hunter blogging throne. Sites like Aspect of the Hare, The Hunting Lodge, and Slow Wolf were also going strong.

OutDPS was only about a month old and The Huntsman’s Lodge and the Warcraft Hunters Union were picking up steam. It was an intimidating pool to dive into, but I’m glad I took the leap.

This has been and continues to be a great ride. I haven’t written much during the course of this expansion, mainly because I found Cataclysm to be somewhat uninspiring, and the podcast is a great outlet to talk about things. Some highlights from the last three years are –

  • Deciding to just blog.
  • Doing the Hunting Party Podcast.
  • Getting a chance to meet  Euripides and Frostheim in person.
  • Starting a guild with Euripides that has lasted for almost two-years now.
  • Darkbrew Lager.
  • Finally winning a Cataclysm beta key after writing many a haiku and losing many a contest.
  • Getting a chance to talk to people who know a lot more about Huntering that I ever will.

My favorite post that I wrote was this one.

My two favorite screen shots that I ever took were –

In fact WoW Insider stole the Lich King one for this article 😛 .

Thanks to all of you who continue read this blog and listen to the podcast. I’ll be here for Mists of Pandaria, and I hope you will be too.


  1. The bear screenie is classic! Gratz on the blogoversary and thanks for being part of the HPP team!

  2. Thanks so much for all you do. It’s a great blog and your one of the reasons hunters have the best community in all of Wow

  3. Happy Blog-o-Versay :)! I love the contrast between the two screenshots. The first is cute,intimate, and warm. The second is vast, cold, and immense. Great shots!

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