Gems and Enchants and Why They Matter

Pretty awesome DPS trinket wouldn’t you say? So where exactly does it drop? It doesn’t. The item is obviously fake, but those stats are very, very real.

What you’re looking at are the stats gained from all of the gems and enchants that I have on my gear.

Let’s do some math, shall we?

For a hunter Agility translates into attack power point for point. I also have a talent that converts intellect into attack power point for point.

Agility also translates into Crit. Every 83.3 points of agility equals a 1% chance to crit.

Also every 45.91 points of critical strike rating equals a 1% increase to crit.

Those stats on the trinket aggregate and boost my attack power and critical strike chance beyond what you see.

Adding things up my attack power and critical strike chance are increased as follows,

Total Attack Power – 583
Critical Strike – 5% increase.

Not only that but I have talents that increase my agility and attack power further

Lightning Reflexes – This increases my agility by 15%. The more agility I have, the more 15% becomes.

Expose Weakness – This will convert 25% of my agility into attack power. Again, the more agility I have the more 25% becomes.

Because you’re gemming and enchanting individual items the numbers may not seem that big, but as you can see they’re huge. They can equate to having one or two additional epic items.

Imagine if you had a full raid of 25 people with all their gear gemmed and enchanted. It could mean the difference between wiping or downing a boss (and getting more gear to gem and enchant).

Now if only I could enchant that trinket. 😉

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