More Than Just Pets

BioWare has just given us some great information on the companion system. Between William Wallace’s blog, James Ohlen’s Gamespot interview, and Developer Dispatch video we have a great looks at what’s in store with companions.

Now, as many of you know I play the only companion class available in WoW; the mighty Hunter (the rest are either solo or pet classes as far as I’m concerned). I know all about running around with a loyal companion by your side. So trust me when I say that I think the companion system in SWTOR is poised to take this concept to a whole new level, and in ways I could never have imagined. It simply looks to be an amazing feature and I can’t wait to see it in action.

I’m not going to pick my class and faction based on companions, but it’s awfully hard to resist what BioWare has done with the Imperial companions. I mean how awesome is Blizz? Is that a rocket launcher under your robe or are you really, really, happy to see me?

Compare the romance arcs too.

Imperial Agent: “Watch your back Kalyio”.

Kalyio: “I’ll watch yours and you can watch mine.”

and then later,

Kalyio:’ “Say it with me, I’m better than Temple in every possible way.”

Espionage, “Bondeseque” women, a Ruby Bliel shaken not stirred. That’s what I’m talking about.

Then over on the Republic side we have this.

Nadia: “You’re more to me than just my master. You do know that don’t you?”

Consular: “You’re much more than a Padawan to me.”

Ugh, who let Nora Roberts into the Jedi Order (not that I’ve read any of her novels). It’s sap city, and I want no part of it, unless we’re talking about one of those same gender romance arcs with say – two females. Then it doesn’t really matter what they say.

Seriously until now watching your female toon’s backside as she runs and dancing naked on mailboxes was the gold standard for guys playing female toons. Well it’s just been raised to watching your toon make out with another girl. Huzzah!