MMO 101: Make Friends

Most MMOs offer a very rewarding and enjoyable solo experience, but if you really want to get the most out of this game, you’ll want to make friends.

I’m not talking about grouping or participating in flashpoints or warzones with random people, I’m talking about playing with people you know and like. These can be people you know in real life or they can be people you met playing this game.

I spent much of my early days in SWG and WoW as a loner. Yes I had fun, but when I made the effort to meet people and make friends, I really started having fun.

The people you play with will have as big an impact as any feature or piece of content in the game. Run a flashpoint with random folks who don’t know what they’re doing or are just plain jerks, and guess what the game isn’t any fun.

Run that same flashpoint with three people you know on a first name basis and you’ll have a blast. You’ll communicate, work together, and help each other. You’re less likely to fight over loot. You’re more likely to clear content without too many issues, and if you do cause a wipe, your friends will be a lot more forgiving than a random group of players.

At the end of the day, the memories you’ll take away from this game will not be of the warzones or operations you conquered, but of the people you met along the way.

Over on the official site there is a forum dedicated to guild recruitment, I encourage you to visit there and start thinking about the friends you’d like to make.

May the Force be with you!