Great Balls of Fire!

Last night in raid one of our Hunters, Autoshott, whispered me and said “check out my new pet”. “What pet I said, all I see is you standing next to some fire”. Well it turns out that fire was his pet.

I guess no expansion is complete until we get our one quirky pet that’s not supposed to be a pet. This one is actually a raptor, that’s part of a quest. During the quest the raptor explodes and turns into the ball of fire. If you time it just right you end up with the fire and not the raptor. Oh, and you’ll need the help of a friend who is on the quest.

Now a few things to keep in mind before you rush out to get one, this is more than likely going to be nerfed. There are several issues with this pet including,

  • You can’t target it, which is an issue in PvP (well not for the hunter).
  • In PvE it looks like everything we were taught to avoid, and since Firelands is a very fiery place, you’re tanks and melee are going to hate more than they do now.
  • It’s fire. For crying out loud, we’re hunters, not Shaman.
As far as the specifics on where to find him or how tame, I leave that to you and Google to figure out 😉


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