Ten Things More Immersion Breaking Than Huttball

Last week at Gamescom BioWare announced a new warzone called Huttball. Now some folks are worried about this being silly and immersion breaking. Well if you’re worried about Huttball breaking immersion, then I’ve got news for you, this will probably be one of the least immersion breaking things you’ll encounter in The Old Republic.

Seriously, it’s an MMO, and I can think of at least ten things that will remind you that you’re not actually living on Tatooine more than Huttball will, and here they are.

  1. Jedi Knights named xxLukexx, Luuke, etc.
  2. Seeing a thousand Bowdaars and Vettes running around.
  3. “Hey guys, I’m late for dinner can we take the fast route and blow these guys out the airlock.”
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  5. “LFM EV must have vent,  know fights, seen a video, starred in the video, soloed the place, and have a gear level of one billion. Real life force powers a plus.”
  6. Having to fly back to Coruscant in the middle of an operation because your gear needs repairs.
  7. “Chuck Norris played a role in Star Wars, he was the Force”. (welcome to trade and general chats)
  8. “Magically” summoning your landspeeder.
  9. Not being able to sit in chairs.
  10. Jedi Knights, or any class that teabag you in PvP.

See, and you were worried Huttball, pfft.

One comment

  1. I agree with your list of immersion breaking happenings, and I think that list could easily double after personally experiencing first hand, a brand new wave of filth that is developing within AoC’s new hardcore PvP ruleset server, but that is a rant for another day.

    I’m very much looking forward to my chat box going “bye-bye” during story sensitive cut-scenes in SWTOR, and I can totally fit Huttball into my bank of StarWars beliefs, BUT…

    Now, I know that they aren’t playable, but I can’t help but visualize a 4v4 Hutball game composed completely of gastropods from the “Hutt” race in which the sport is named after. Wait a sec, that would be totally great! Haha.

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