About This Transgentrify Thing

Blizzard is beginning to talk about patch 4.3, and they’ve announced some pretty cool stuff. One of the amazing things that’s happening is they’re giving us uncommonly good looking hunters the ability to become even more uncommonly good looking than we are now. Can you believe it? I think they’re handing out parkas in Hell, as I speak.

You can read all about this Transgentrification thing here. In short though they’re letting us take our current armor sets and give them the appearance of a different armor set. For example you could take your T12 gear and make it look like T5. If you want to view all of our past armor sets you can check out this thread on MMO-Champion.

At this point I’m rather fond of our current T12 and may just keep that as my look, possibly replacing the helm with goggles. There are two items that are definitively on my list of must haves.

The Wolfslayer’s Sniper Rifle – This was the first “real’ gun that I ever got in the game. I think it’s one of the best looking models, and I shall wreak havoc and destruction with it once again.

Legacy – I’ve always been fond of two handed axes and this is one of the better ones.

Both items drop from the Opera event in Karazhan. The bad news is I deleted these items a long time ago. The good news is I get to run Karazhan again!

So what’s on your Transgentrification list? 

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  1. heh, cool outfit! I think they said they're going to be real conservative about this initially.

    One of the things they don't want is folks running around dual-wielding herrings and wearing a chefs hat.

    Personally I'd love to run around dual wielding mugs.

  2. Haha, I can't believe you want Legacy. 🙂 It was my only Karazhan drop as lvl 70, but I find it really ugly. 😉 I was in full (non-arena) pvp gear in TBC, except i had yellow boots. Could have used this feature back then!

    I think the Striker's Garb looks really cool. I like tier 12, tier 10 and Demonstalker too.

    I think I'm gonna mostly use current gear, but "fix" on those nonfitting pieces. I kind of liked the look of tier 11 also, except the shoulders and helm (typically the ugly part of any set).

    I wonder if I, as a non-engineer, can pretend to have goggles with this?

  3. Hm, so far I've started thinking about either of two directions:

    1. Technological hunter with gun, goggles, Skarr (looks like metal right?) and some sort of polished hi-tech clothing.

    2. Miss Super Ranger. With http://www.wowhead.com/item=30906# and some green/brown foresty gear.

    Would absolutely love the beautiful look of Thori'dal on my ranged weapon, but I understand that's impossible.

  4. For my bow, I'm probably going to use my Black Bow of the Betrayer or Siren's Cry. Then some T4 or T8 for my armor. Gas Mask=Best Helm EVER!

  5. Still have my Legacy. Only problem is no current raiding weapons are 2H Axes. We have our choice of a polearm or staff…

    We could DW at a stat loss, but even then it won't let us transmogrify 1H Axes into 2H Axes. Might as well just equip Legacy itself.

    Wish they'd add some crafted epic 378+ Agility 2H axes and swords. Been missing far too long. (Crafted so that they don't clutter loot tables)

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