I’m Going In!

As Mists of Pandaria heads into its third week, I’m finally heading into my first MoP raid. I’ve reached the point where 5-man heroics have little or nothing left to offer in terms of gear. The only items I have that aren’t at least 463 are the Bladesong Cloak and Ghost Iron Dragonling trinket. I saw my cloak drop on back-to-back runs. I lost one to a Rogue and the other to Druid who needed OS for it. And everyone wonders why we pick on the support classes. No matter I’m more than geared for the first raid.

Now despite the fact that all of these blues will soon be replaced, I’ve gemmed, reforged and enchanted everything but my bracers. I’m bringing Virmin’s Bite and Flasks of Spring Blossoms. I haven’t reached 600 in cooking yet so I don’t have any Sea Mist Rice Noodles, but I’m getting there.

It may seem frustrating to sink all of this gold into gear that’s going to be replaced in short order, but when you go into these first tier raids you’re doing so under-geared, and that extra bit of damage output will make the difference between a wipe and a kill and shiny new upgrades.

Once more unto the breach!