This is My HK-55 Face

I got lucky last night. Very lucky. You see, I like to do weird things sometimes. Things like, say, dump all 20 of my character’s HK-55 helmets in my Legacy Cargo hold. Okay, that’s not too strange, but there was no reason to do anything other than to have each character store it in their personal inventory. It’s just one item, and taking up 20 inventory slots in Legacy storage on this ugly helmet is just plain stupid, but that’s what I did. When the item was released, I thought it was silly to have it bound to legacy, and so I created a wall of HK-55 helmets. I planned to start making shapes and other designs with them, but until last night, it was just a wall.

When I logged in last night, I noticed that the helmet was no longer bound to legacy, but a collection item, like the HK-55 weapons that came with Game Update 4.3. Not only were they bound, but since they were sitting in my Legacy storage, none of my characters registered as having the item. It wasn’t in their collections. This meant that I had to logon to each character, verify they didn’t have a helmet, and then retrieve one out of storage.

Had I chosen to store these all on one character rather than take up precious Legacy storage, my other characters would have been out of luck and unable to have this item.

I read one story on the forums where somebody claimed to put a black/black dye in it and planned to pass it around to his other characters, but now the helmet was bound. I imagine other issues have popped as a result of this change.

I’ll be curious to see if BioWare makes any more adjustments. The simple fix would be to allow players to unlock it to their account for 1 CC like they’ve done with other items.

As I said in the beginning, I was fortunate. Were you caught off guard by this change, and did any of your characters lose out as a result?


  1. I, personally, was happy to get these in my collection instead, so they don’t take up a spot in my bank. Still not sure why I’d want to look like a HK-55 in the first place.

    1. I don’t know why anyone would want to wear the helmet. The helmet from Karagga’s palace is silly too, but there’s something fun about that one. The HK helmet is silly and creepy.

  2. Maybe it’s because I had a tiring day, but I don’t get why you would store all the helmets in one place, legacy-bound or not? I just had each character chuck theirs into their own bank.

    Also, my guild has a rule that visibly wearing this helmet in ops gets you a temporary g-kick, which should tell you how much people love it… 😛

    1. No one in their right mind would want to store all of those helmets in on place, and no one would want to use precious legacy storage for it.

      I only did it to be silly, and remind me just how ridiculous this reward was. The fact the it was bind on legacy made it even more strange.

      The change they made was the right change and a good change, but it caused problems for some.

      I know there was a patch note stating that all HK-55 rewards were added to collections, but it didn’t occur to me what that actually meant until I logged in the other night.

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